HDDM+ – innovative technology for distance measurement

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HDDM+ (High Definition Distance Measurement Plus) is a high-resolution time-of-flight process for non-contact distance measurement that is used in distance sensors as well as in 2D or 3D LiDAR sensors. The technology is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for measuring the distance to diffusely reflecting objects and to retro-reflective reflectors. The sensing range of distance sensors with HDDM+ is up to 1.5 km on retro-reflective tape. In contrast to single pulse or phase correlation technologies, HDDM+ is a statistical measurement process. This means that the sensor statistically evaluates the echoes of multiple laser pulses to calculate a distance value. Furthermore, thanks to HDDM+, sensors can also be equipped with multi-echo capability. This enables distance measurements with high measurement certainty, even under difficult ambient conditions.


Read all the details about HDDM+ in our white paper

  • Technology basics: optical distance and LiDAR sensors, time-of-flight measurement, phase correlation measurement method and optical pulse time-of-flight measurement
  • How HDDM+ works
  • Advantages of the method
  • Possible applications, e.g., collision avoidance for rubber tired gantry cranes

White paper for download

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Innovative technology for distance measurement from SICK

Are you curious? Read all the details in our white paper

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