We guide you to safe machinery in six steps.

1. Risk assessment

2. Safe design

3. Technical protective measures, implementation of the safety functions

4. User information on residual risks

5. Overall validation of the machine

6. Placing the machine on the market








SICK supports you with expertise in machine safety. The foundation was laid back in 1952 with the first safety light curtain for accident prevention on presses. Since then, we have successfully placed other world firsts on the market, such as the safety laser scanner or the first camera system for safety applications.
We are happy to pass on our knowledge about functional safety in the Guide for Safe Machinery. We support the application of the European standard EN ISO 13849-1 and the determination of the performance level (PL) with our component library for the IFA SISTEMA Tool.


With the “Guide for Safe Machinery”, SICK offers a practical reference source for designers, manufacturers, and operating entities. The “Guide for Safe Machinery” is available in several languages. It explains various ways in which machinery can be safeguarded and people can be protected against accidents, taking into account the applicable European directives, regulations, and standards. The legal requirements relating to machinery in other regions (e.g., North America, Asia) are described in separate versions of this guide.


Download the Guide for Safe Machinery