Looking for a vacation job?

Are you a student or are you between leaving school and starting at the university/vocational training? Are you over 16 and looking for a vacation job for 2 weeks (minimum 3 weeks at SICK in Donaueschingen) up to 2 months?

We offer jobber-positions for students over 16 at our sites in Waldkirch, Reute, Hochdorf, Überlingen, Düsseldorf, Donaueschingen and Hamburg.

Jobber-positions include various tasks in the field of production, logistics or administration.

If you are interested, please apply via filling-in the contact form.

Please make sure the contact form has been filled-in completely. Only complete forms will be taken into account and processed further. The complete form is necessary to be registered in the jobber applicants’ database. Forms that are incomplete will not be accepted and processed.

If there is a suitable jobber-position for you, we will get in touch with you in due time.

If you do not hear back from us up to 2 weeks before your intended starting date, we are sorry to inform you that this time your application has not been successful. 

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