Unsurpassed measurement certainty with the FLOWSIC500 gas flow meter

Jun 15, 2015

The FLOWSIC500 ultrasonic compact gas flow meter from SICK is specifically designed for natural gas distribution applications requiring verified calibration. It ensures precision charging, making it the ideal solution for public utilities and industrial consumers. As the world's first ultrasonic compact gas flow meter in this field, the FLOWSIC500 provides state-of-the-art technology for unsurpassed measurement certainty. 


The compact design requires very little space and does not need inlets and outlets to be straight. The innovative measuring technology is installed in a cartridge, which can be replaced in just a few steps. Back-up batteries and an intrinsically safe line power supply ensure fail-safe operation of the FLOWSIC500. The device also be run autonomously on batteries – with a service life of at least five years. 

Precise measuring technology for demanding applications

Thanks to the absence of mechanical moving parts, the FLOWSIC500 is a rugged, fail-safe, and low-maintenance device. It also ensures reliable measurement over the long term, as the ultrasonic sensors developed and manufactured by SICK are not sensitive to faults. The FLOWSIC500 can be used for applications which require verified calibration. The meter processes dynamic load changes without any loss in accuracy. Not only that, but the automatic self-monitoring system also ensures early detection of changes in measuring conditions which could pose a threat to the gas flow meter's specified accuracy. 


The FLOWSIC500's outstanding operational safety makes it ideal for applications in which a continuous supply of gas must be guaranteed, such as hospitals. The gas flow meter is approved in accordance with all the relevant standards and guidelines for natural gas distribution, and comes in four nominal diameters to suit all standard assembly lengths. 


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