TRANSIC100LP now measures oxygen ATEX-compliant

Jun 13, 2014

Measuring the oxygen in the process can be quite simple. The TRANSIC100LP from SICK is the rugged transmitter that uses Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy (TDLS) to measure O2 reliably. A technology more common in the world of high-tech analysis, is now being used in a field instrument: at an attractive price, easy installation, a long life, low maintenance and now suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.  

The secret behind this reliable O2 measurement is the TDLS diode-laser spectroscopy. The TRANSIC100LP incorporates this technology, which is otherwise to be found only in high-end gas analyzers. For hazardous area applications, there are two approved versions available according to NEC 500 or IECEx/ATEX: gas zone 0 and dust zone 21 for the probe version, and zones 1 / 2 and 21/22 for the measuring device (or Class I Div. II / Class I Div. I). This means that the TRANSICI100LP is the reliable way to measure oxygen concentration in real time also fail-safe in hazardous areas in the chemical, petrochemical or pharmaceutical industries - and naturally everywhere else where reliability and availability in oxygen measurement make a big difference.

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Insensitive to disruptive factors

Temperature changes, pressure fluctuations and changing flow rates do not affect the TRANSIC100LP - this results in a reliable sensor with excellent long-term stability. The influence of temperature is compensated dynamically, while the influence of pressure fluctuations in the range from 800 to 1,400 mbar is low, and the flow rate has no effect on the measurement. Even vibrations in the piping do not adversely affect the measurement. The calibration intervals can be set up to one year. There are no moving parts to wear and tear which could cause a problem and no consumables are required. The bottom line is that TRANSIC100LPs laser technology makes for greater cost savings.  

TRANSIC100LP To make the measurement even more attractive, the device has been designed as a transmitter. Its simple to install and easy to operate - ready to run after only three minutes. It requires little space and the alarm output is programmable and maintenance requirements can be signaled. The measuring device is set and read locally via a keypad and display or with a computer. Measurement is carried out in-situ for direct, fast and accurate information. Additionally, light soiling of the sensor optics does not adversely affect the measurement. Careful cleaning can even be carried out easily.

Edelstahlfilter, PTFE-Filter, Messgaszelle

Zubehör, von links: Edelstahlfilter, PTFE-Filter, Messgaszelle[/caption] Optional filters can keep the sensor free of heavy soiling and from even smaller particles. As if this is not sufficient, an extractive measuring gas cell is easy to install. Gas conditioning is reduced to a minimum. All these features guarantee benefits for you: lower maintenance costs and makes the TRANSIC100LP the most cost-effective laser analyzer on the market.