Baggage identification with camera technology


The most important components of the system are image-based code readers of the Lector® series for image recording and for omni-directional reading of 1D codes. Beyond the identification of bar codes, the ALIS supplies images with camera technology for further processing of label information (e.g. the flight number) by means of automated plain text (OCR) and/or video coding. This enables immediate transport of the flight baggage within the conveyor system even in situations in which the baggage source message (BSM) is not available. This can greatly reduce the costly effort needed at the manual encoding stations (MES).

Another variant of ALIS with camera technology combines the Lector65x image-based code readers with laser-based bar code scanners of the CLV series. For already-existing SICK laser systems in particular, there is the option of increasing the performance by upgrading to a hybrid system.

Your benefits:
  • Complete and high-resolution image recording, also from below as an option
  • Improved read results, even for damaged, contaminated or poorly printed labels
  • Capable of plain text detection (OCR = optical character recognition) and video coding
  • Simple commissioning and maintenance
  • Single host interface
  • Integration into the SICK software and visualization platform and extensive diagnostic options facilitate proactive maintenance and help prevent failures


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