Baggage identification using RFID technology

With this solution for identifying flight baggage, the ALIS is based on RFID technology (radio frequency identification). The big advantage: When identifying IATA transponders attached to baggage, no direct visual contact to the transponder is necessary. The facilitates reliable tracing of flight baggage. The most important components of the system are read/write devices of the RFU product family for reading and writing RFID tags. ALIS with RFID technology fulfills the specifications of the global IATA standards and its transmission characteristics are specified for the UHF bandwidths approved for Europe, the USA and other countries.

Your benefits:
  • Reliable assignment of the labels for the bag guarantees a fault-free sorting process, even if quantities of baggage are high
  • Larger scanning ranges due to UHF technology
  • Simple commissioning and maintenance
  • Single host interface
  • 100% redundant design
  • Integration into the SICK software and visualization platform and extensive diagnostic options facilitate proactive maintenance and help prevent failures 


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