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Educational Set Artifical Intelligence
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  • Artificial intelligence can be really easy! With the educational set, artificial intelligence (AI) is taught in a clear and practical way. In four steps, participants will develop their own neural network using the cloud-based dStudio software, which they then export as an app to the InspectorP621 programmable camera. Based on this neural network, the participants will see how the camera independently classifies the quality control result into previously defined classes.

    At a glance
    • Compact learning set with InspectorP621 programmable camera
    • Demo access to cloud-based dStudio AI tool
    • Complete learning material with exercises and sample solutions
    • Access to interactive e-learning for theoretical introduction to Deep Learning
    • Certificate as proof of the acquired skill
    Your benefits
    • You can use what you will learn to help you quickly and purposefully implement artificial intelligence into real-world applications
    • Understanding of the systematics and operation of Deep Learning will enable you to evaluate and take advantage of the potentials of AI technology
    • You will understand the difference between programming and artificial intelligence
    • You will understand the systematic procedure for creating a classification based on Deep Learning
    • You will be able to train a neural network with dStudio, export it to the programmable camera and use it in an application
    • Features
      Product areaI40 Customer Trainings
      Product segmentMachine vision
      SICK LifeTime Services
      Product family groupTraining and education
      2D machine vision
      Training formatTeachware
      Target Audience

      Quality assurance employees

      Production planner

      Project manager


      PrerequisitesComputer with Internet access
      Duration6 h
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