SISTEMA library (SLB)
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  • Note: This library is designed for SISTEMA Version 1.1.x. It will no longer be updated. You can find the current library under VDMA-66413 / SISTEMA 2.x-Bibliothek (XML)

    • Product features
      Software categoryProject planning software
      Software typeLibrary for functional safety
      LanguageGerman, English
      DescriptionSICK product library for IFA tool SISTEMA
      Supported product familiesnanoScan3, microScan3, outdoorScan3, S300 Mini Standard, S300 Mini Remote, S300 Standard, S300 Advanced, S300 Professional, S300 Expert, S3000 Standard, S3000 Advanced, S3000 Professional, S3000 Expert, S3000 Remote, S3000 PROFINET IO Advanced, S3000 PROFINET IO Professional, scanGrid2, safeRS/safeRS3, V300 Work Station Extended, V200 Work Station Extended, deTec, miniTwin, TWINOX4, mac4, C4000 Standard, C4000 Advanced, C4000 Fusion, C4000 Palletizer, C4000 Entry/Exit, C4000 Select, C4000 Standard ATEX II 3G/3D, C4000 Advanced ATEX II 3G/3D, C4000 Fusion ATEX II 3G/3D, C4000 Palletizer ATEX II 3G/3D, C4000 Entry/Exit ATEX II 3G/3D, C4000 Advanced Ex, C4000 Fusion Ex, C4000 Select Ex, C4000 Micro, C4000 Micro Cold Store, C4000 Basic, C4000 Basic Plus, C4000 Eco, C4000 Palletizer in IP69K Housing, C4000 Micro in IP69K Housing, M4000 Standard Curtain, M4000 Advanced Curtain, M4000 Area, C2000 Standard, C2000 Standard in IP69K Housing, C2000 RES/EDM, C2000 Cascadable, C2000 Eco, senSe, senSe2, C4-RD, WSU/WEU26-3, L4000 Systems, L41, L21, L25, L26, L27, L28, L29, deTem, M4000 Standard, M4000 Standard A/P, M4000 Standard in IP69K Housing, M4000 Standard A/P in IP69K Housing, M4000 Advanced, M4000 Advanced A/P, M2000 Standard, M2000 Standard A/P, M2000 Standard in IP69K Housing, M2000 Cascadable, M2000 RES/EDM, M2000 RES/EDM A/P, RE1, RE2, STR1, TR4 Direct, IME2S, IQB2S, IN3000 Direct, IN4000 Direct, IN4000 Standard, MLP1, TR10 Lock, TR110 Lock, i14 Lock, i10 Lock, i110 Lock, i15 Lock, i200 Lock, i12S, i16S, i17S, i110S, i10P, i10R, i110P, i110R, i10H, ES11, ES21, ER12, i110RP, i150RP, E100, Flexi Classic, Flexi Soft, Flexi Compact, ReLy, UE10-2FG, UE12-2FG, UE10-3OS, UE23-2MF, UE23-3MF, UE42-2HD, UE43-2MF, UE43-3MF, UE43-3AR, UE43-4AR, UE44-3SL, UE45-3S1, UE48-2OS, UE48-3OS, UE10-4XT, UE11-4DX, UE401, UE402, UE403, Flexi Soft Drive Monitor, Speed Monitor, Standstill Monitor, Flexi Loop, Safeguard Detector, Safe Entry Exit, Safe EFI-pro System, DFS60S Pro, AFS/AFM60S Pro, S3000 Anti Collision, S3000 Cold Store, RE11/RE21/RE31, RE300, T4000 Standard, T4000 Multi, T4000 Compact, T4000 Direct, i11S, i110H
      Supported product groupsSafety laser scanners, Safety multibeam scanners, Safety radar sensors, Safety camera sensors, Safety light curtains, Safety single-beam sensors, Safety multibeam sensors, Non-contact safety switches, Safety locking devices, Electro-mechanical safety switches, Safety command devices, Safety controllers, Safety relays, Safe Motion, Safe series connection, Safety systems for automating material flows, Safety encoders
      Supported product segmentsSafety laser scanners, Safety multibeam scanners, Safety radar sensors, Safety camera sensors, Safety light curtains, Safety light-beam sensors, Safety switches, sens:Control - safe control solutions, Safe series connection, Safety systems, Encoders
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