Verify up to 500 serialization codes – at one time

Nov 30, 2021

GO BEYOND. Discovery #16 

Serialization codes are used in incoming and outgoing goods to check and comply with legal requirements. Such requirements vary from country to country - in the EU, for example, prescription medicines will be checked for authenticity with these codes since 2019. The Multi Code Reader is thus an important aid for the pharmaceutical industry. The Multi Code reader quality control system is based on a camera system that scans and aggregates up to 500 individual packages in one reading. A giant leap compared to scanning each individual package by hand.

Multi Code Reader: the perfect assistant for the implementation of new requirements in the pharmaceutical industry

However, the real transformation takes place when the scans are transferred to the respective partner cloud. Through it, all data can be permanently stored, documented and displayed and, in addition, efficient and cost-saving processes can be implemented through aggregation modes. A healthy system - the Multi Code Scanner thus meets all the legal requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and also offers the potential to demonstrate its capabilities in other industries.