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Monitoring Box

Your Benefits

  • Condition monitoring and analyses in real time through visualization of the data in a browser-based dashboard
  • Predefined SensorApps simplify sensor integration
  • Reduces unplanned maintenance work, machine failures and downtimes
  • Increases machine and plant availability because operating personnel can react quickly to deviations
  • Extends the service life of critical components
  • Plug and play installation and commissioning


The Monitoring Box from SICK allows for the early detection of status changes of sensors, machines, and plants. The Monitoring Box is a software-based solution which can be adapted to specific customer requirements and implemented either at their premises or in the SICK cloud. Every significant change to the device statuses is visualized if needed, enabling timely intervention by operating personnel. This ensures the availability and productivity of critical device components and machines.

At a glance
  • Visualization and evaluation of status data
  • Log book for clear presentation and documentation of events
  • Configurable alarms
  • Presentation of limit value deviations
  • Can be implemented at the customer’s premises or in the SICK cloud
  • Can be used on mobile devices
  • Password-protected access


Monitor and increase performance

With the Monitoring Box from SICK, you can start digitalizing your production processes. With this solution, you receive virtual access to sensors and machines and can improve them every day during operation. Simply because you are constantly learning more about them. The Monitoring Box digitally monitors all integrated devices of your company and ensures hundreds of pieces of sensor and machine data.

Get a system architecture that is completely reliable. There is the choice between on-premise data storage at your own site or external, off-premise data storage on a server hosted by SICK in Germany.

System architecture

Collect sensor and machine data and monitor it in the dashboard
Easily integrate sensors without programming knowledge
Monitoring of data and execution of maintenance measures

More security

System components tested by an external testing body
HTTPS-encrypted connection between the gateway and SICK cloud
With external storage, you can rely on secure data storage on German servers

No matter whether data storage happens on-site or externally - you get reliable system architecture

Achieve more

You only have to use your maintenance staff when there is a current need for maintenance
Execute maintenance before devices fail
Operate devices in the optimal performance range

Act instead of react. You increase productivity, availability and the quality of your systems and processes - without extra effort and expense.

Know more

Automated alerts when limit values are exceeded or other problems occur
Always have an overview of the machine and system events of the past weeks
Act on time and prevent complications, therefore preventing device failure

You achieve a new level of transparency and knowledge management which you can use to plan and act more proactively.


Technical overview

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