SICK at Hannover Messe and CeMAT 2018

Welcome to the world of Production 4.0 and Logistics 4.0!

Industry 4.0 is fundamentally changing production and logistics processes. These are changes that are also being driven forward by our work, as SICK’s intelligent sensors are the foundation this future is built on. And this future is also shaped by the work of our customers, as our sensor intelligence frequently forms the basis and the beginning of their value-added chains. 

At Hannover Messe and CeMAT 2018, SICK will show what intelligent, reliable sensors already make possible within the context of Industry 4.0. Sensor technology as a data provider for Smart Factories is the key foundation for flexible automation, networked production and control processes, and comprehensive transparency throughout all value-adding chains. 

A new, digitized world – it hardly seems possible. But here at SICK, we make what seems impossible entirely possible – by helping our customers transform their real-world circumstances into data and enabling it to be used in various fields of application. 

Get a glimpse into the future with us and experience the world of Industry 4.0. We look forward to seeing you at Hannover Messe 2018 and the base camp for the future, Hall 9, Stand F18. At CeMAT, you’ll find us in the Logistics 4.0 Hub, Hall 24, Stand D18.

Our key themes at Hannover Messe and CeMAT 2018

1. Industry 4.0 in action

Human-robot collaboration is a core application within the context of Industry 4.0, as is autonomous navigation in automated guided vehicle systems. Industry 4.0 is bringing humans and machines even closer together. In terms of modern task allocation, intelligent sensors help robots with their work – and allow them to see new ways of accomplishing tasks in an industrial environment. Robot guidance that uses 2D or 3D image processing, for instance, plays a key role in optimizing production processes. The use of programmable cameras via the SICK AppSpace eco-system opens up new possibilities. Custom sensor systems also help automated guided vehicle systems break down production barriers and make processes more flexible. Whether line guidance, localization using rasters, or free, SICK’s modular sensor packages perfectly adapt to any condition. When combined with cloud-based data analysis, they enable total transparency during production. 

2. Networking, intelligence, and digitization

In the world of Industry 4.0, our sensors are looking for a connection – to your automation. For comprehensive communication. Industry 4.0, the fourth revolution, intelligent factory – the industrial future has many names. At its core, it concerns digitization, intelligence, and networking: Industry 4.0 allows the physical and virtual worlds in production and logistics to merge to form cyber-physical systems, which are highly interconnected and communicate via the Internet of Things. SICK’s intelligent sensors and sensor systems deliver the required data and take on a central role when it comes to connectivity. As data collectors and the mouthpiece of automation, intelligent sensors are the key when it comes to continuous transparency in an open network. The additional interface to the data or software system enables new analyses and functions to be performed, which increase flexibility, quality, efficiency, and transparency in production. 

3. Data sovereignty and data security

The security of data exchange is one of our key objectives. Digital sovereignty is our watchword. In Industry 4.0, sensor data has an economic value and must be protected against unauthorized access. There must be rules in place in case a company uses third-party data or a third-party cloud to store its own data. This is why SICK, as one of the founding members of the Industrial Data Space Association (IDSA), has become so actively involved in ensuring secure data exchange between certified participants. In the context of Industry 4.0, only companies certified by the IDSA will be able to exchange data. Uniform, transparent ownership and usage conditions, as well as efficient, hierarchical safety precautions, create the foundation for data-based services and digital sovereignty. In Hannover, we’ll show you what this means in practice with a current use case.

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Hannover Messe/CeMAT Preview

Dr. Robert Bauer, Chairman of the Executive Board of SICK AG, explains the relevance of sensor intelligence in the Smart Factory of the future.

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