Smart services

Generating added value for sensor, machine and plant data

Smart Services from SICK record, evaluate and visualize data from Smart Sensors, machines and plants. From this data, the probability of occurrence of certain events can be calculated precisely and in advance using individualized algorithms. Typically-unused sensor, machine and plant data is visualized and enables status monitoring and forecasts. Direct added value for operation, repair and other target groups can be generated in this way. From big data to smart data, data-based services for the production of tomorrow. On-premise, in the cloud or directly on a smartphone. From the standard product to customer-specific solutions, Smart Services from SICK, all from a single source.

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Personalized SICK products for easy commissioning
  • Flexible and customer-specific production and delivery of SICK products with adapted software
  • Commissioning via plug and play
  • Consistent commissioning quality for recurring applications
  • Saving and archiving of the configuration
  • Unique configuration ID
  • Batch size 1 possible