Product and system support

Reliable and cost-effective

Your Benefits

  • Fast and reliable: repair and testing is performed by SICK experts
  • Cost savings: more cost-effective to repair existing components than to install new or exchange units
  • Avoid systematic faults: advice from SICK experts about preventative measures
  • No stock changes: original equipment with the same serial number and specific (operating equipment) designations after the repair has been completed
  • Individual customization: possible to provide specific firmware versions
  • Comprehensive testing: including connection accessories (if provided)


Reliable and cost-effective

Component failures and the resulting system downtime are often due to a variety of causes. SICK provides fast and reliable help in remedying these problems and gives precise instructions on preventive measures to ensure that no further problems arise in the future. As a sensor manufacturer, SICK repairs the devices and then tests these new devices – free of charge for products under warranty. For urgent matters, repairs can be completed as an express repair. After the repair, customers receive their original components with updates (equipment), marking and, where necessary, application-specific parameters. SICK LifeTime Services is an economic alternative to new or exchange units for the repair of sensors.

At a glance
  • Reason for failure is identified and faulty components are repaired or exchanged
  • Product safety checks
  • Repair findings relating to faulty assemblies
  • Express repair (optional)
  • Software update, modification and conversion (optional)
  • Detailed investigation of failure causes and advice about preventative measures (optional)
  • Recovery of application-specific equipment parameters (optional)


Safety Services from SICK: Safe consultancy, engineering and turnkey solutions