Product and system support

Reliable, fast and on-site

With product and system support from SICK LifeTime Services, your machinery and system will always be ready for operation. SICK provides support for product selection, commissioning and troubleshooting. Experienced experts are available around the world – by phone, remotely, or directly on-site. Faults can be rectified quickly thanks to repairs and rapid provision of exchange units. Customized service offerings maximize availability.

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Product family SICK Support Portal
First class technical support from our experts worldwide
  • Available for identification solutions, vision, distance sensors, detection and ranging solutions, integration products, localization solutions and system solutions
  • Easy access to customer service online
  • Premium support for members of the SICK AppSpace Developers Club
  • User forum for sharing experiences
  • The latest technical information and application notes
Product family 24-hour helpdesk
Expert support around the clock
  • Helpdesk during office hours (8/5) or outside office hours (24/5, 24/6, 24/7)
  • Trained staff to provide support during troubleshooting and when replacing components
  • Advanced customer-specific system documentation, including customer-specific history
  • Optional: Remote support
Product family Telephone support
Fast and accessible customer service at all times
  • Free telephone support during business hours
  • Contact person with technical expertise
  • Accessible worldwide
Product family Warranty extensions
Long-term protection for calculable lump sum
  • Extension of the warranty to a total period of up to five years
  • Services correspond to the scope of the manufacturer warranty
  • Calculable lump sum when purchasing the product
Product family Start-up support
The perfect transition to the operating phase
  • Qualified SICK service technicians provide support while customer systems are in the start-up phase
  • Changes to customer requirements can be implemented with ease
  • Effective cooperation between SICK, system integrator, and customer
Product family Commissioning
Set-up of defined functions
  • Set-up of previously defined functions
  • Mechanical fine adjustment of the alignment
  • Configuration of application-specific parameters
  • Final function check, archiving of the parameters and handover to the employees
Product family Troubleshooting on site
Immediate assistance directly on site
  • Error analysis and rectification of failures on site
  • Repair or replacement of defective components by experienced engineers
  • Documentation about the failure and description of the repair (service report)
  • Recommendations for avoiding failures
Product family Exchange units
Hassle-free and flexible
  • Advance delivery of exchange units
  • Detailed investigation of failure causes and advice about preventative measures (optional)
Product family Repairs
Reliable and cost-effective
  • Reason for failure is identified and faulty components are repaired or exchanged
  • Product safety checks
  • Repair findings relating to faulty assemblies
  • Express repair (optional)
  • Software update, modification and conversion (optional)
  • Detailed investigation of failure causes and advice about preventative measures (optional)
  • Recovery of application-specific equipment parameters (optional)
Product family Installation
Flexible, professional and reliable
  • Correct assembly and professional installation in line with the manufacturer's specifications
  • Correct preparation of the electrical connections and the wiring
Product family SICK Remote Service
Safe remote monitoring for efficient service
  • Safe, high-performance remote maintenance connection
  • Remote diagnostics performed by experts
  • Customer and integrator access to the SICK Remote Service platform
  • System-specific documents available at all times
  • Transparent, clear system representation and history
  • Expert support for commissioning and operation
  • Remote service lump-sum
  • Setup service: Installation, set-up, and orientation

Result 1 - 11 out of 11