Retrofit and upgrade services

Your Benefits

  • Short downtime due to quick, professional conversion of machines, plants and systems
  • Increased productivity thanks to functional enhancements and extended service life
  • Reduces maintenance and servicing costs through modernization using the latest technologies
  • Lower investment costs than when purchasing new solutions
  • Conformity to local standards and regulations due to the worldwide service network


The Retrofit and Upgrade Services from SICK help you increase the performance and service life of existing machines, plants and systems quickly and cost-effectively. You can optimally adapt these to new requirements, standards and regulations using the services. The components also remain at the technological state-of-the-art. Retrofit and Upgrade Services from SICK provide an economical alternative to purchasing new machines, plants or systems.

At a glance
  • Selection of the right solution and individual consultation from SICK experts
  • Mechanical and electrical integration of devices
  • Functional testing and documentation of the modifications implemented
  • Briefing of operating personnel


Safety Services from SICK: Safe consultancy, engineering and turnkey solutions