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Validation of functional safety

Your Benefits

  • Validation of functional safety by SICK provides you with detailed and reliable verification of the safety solution
  • You receive traceable documentation of the tests and corrections performed on the machine, thus fulfilling the normative requirements
  • Benefit from standardized procedures and defined processes that ensure efficient validations of the same quality worldwide
  • Rely on the many years of expertise of our safety experts and save valuable time and resources so you can focus on your core business


Based on the specifications of the safety solution, safety experts from SICK create a verification and validation plan. This includes the test points for the verification of the installed physical guards and the safety-related parts of controllers as well as the validation of the functional safety components. The planned tests are then carried out on the machine and logged. This is the only way to prove that the planned safety solution has been implemented correctly and that any safety-critical errors that may exist are corrected in a timely manner. The planned protective measures and safety functions must fulfill the intended protection goals to enable safe operation of the machine.

At a glance
  • Creation of the verification and validation plan with detailed description of the test procedure for subsequent testing of the safety solution
  • Efficient and traceable execution and documentation of tests
  • Documentation of detected errors and deviations and how to correct them


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