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Risk assessment

Individualized risk assessments for efficient safety solutions

Your Benefits

  • Based on a targeted assessment of the hazards, the SICK risk assessment provides you with solution proposals for appropriate risk-reducing measures
  • Improve the safety and productivity of your machines and systems thanks to individualized coordination with our safety experts
  • Benefit from standardized procedures and defined processes that ensure efficient risk assessments of the same quality worldwide
  • Rely on the many years of expertise of our safety experts and save valuable time and resources so you can focus on your core business


Individualized risk assessments for efficient safety solutions

Performing risk assessments is both a requirement and a prerequisite for building safe machines and systems. This is the only way to achieve an acceptable residual risk with regard to hazardous situations. Safety experts from SICK perform an individual risk assessment on machines that are under design and construction. The experts identify hazards, assess risks and suggest appropriate measures for adequate risk reduction on this basis. Thanks to the extensive safety and application knowledge of SICK, you benefit from a targeted evaluation of your machine or system. This not only increases their safety, but also improves their productivity.

At a glance
  • Identification of electrical and mechanical hazards
  • Targeted estimation and evaluation of risks
  • Recommendation of appropriate risk-reducing measures
  • Definition of required performance level (PLr)
  • Estimation of possible reduced residual risk
  • Consideration of current guidelines and standards


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