Safe sensor cascade

Cost-saving, safe sensor cascade with diagnostic function

The Flexi Loop can cascade up to 32 sensors while maintaining the highest performance level e. Safety switches and safety sensors with OSSD outputs can be used together regardless of the sensor manufacturer.

In addition, for each sensor or switch there are detailed diagnostic information available. Integrated switching signals allow for the use of interlocks, switches and lamps. All sensors are supplied with power directly from the Flexi Loop. Unscreened standard cables are used with M12 plugs. In total Flexi Loop guarantees the highest level of security. Cascading sensors reduces the amount of wiring and the number of safety inputs in the control cabinet. It also provides a comprehensive diagnostic check of all doors, emergency stop pushbuttons and sensors. In conjunction with the Flexi Soft and the Flexi Classic, the entire safety application is able to cost-effectively meet customer needs.

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Product family Flexi Loop
Cost-saving, safe sensor cascade with diagnostic function
  • Ability to cascade 32 sensors with up to 100 m per segment in compliance with performance level e
  • Compatible with sensors from all manufacturers
  • Detailed diagnostics information
  • Integrated standard inputs and outputs
  • Voltage supply for sensors is included
  • Unshielded standard cable featuring M12 connectivity
  • Enclosure rating IP 65 and IP 67
  • Intelligent accessories for field diagnostics and commissioning