Level measurement on a carton magazine

For the packaging machine to be operated continuously, the carton magazine level has to be monitored. The WTB16 small proximity photoelectric sensor is used for this, (which works according to the proximity principle). It achieves stable detection even on jet-black cardboard packaging and is immune to optical reflections and ambient light.

  • Following product families can be used
    The highflier in object detection
    • Technologies: ClearSens, LineSpot, TwinEye, OptoFilter
    • BluePilot: Optical alignment aid, adjustment of the sensing range via Teach-Turn adjustment with optical sensing range indicator or via IO-Link
    • PinPoint LED: Light-intensive red sender LED
    • Smart Sensor: Enhanced Sensing, IO-Link, Diagnostics, Smart Tasks
    • Vistal housing: High chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance