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Product family FLOWSIC600-XT
The perfect match
  • User-friendly product family
  • Automatic correction of pressure and temperature effects
  • Available for all operating conditions
  • PowerIn Technology™ for reliable backup operation
  • Intelligent application diagnostics with i-diagnostics™
  • Extendable with flow computers per connect-and-go
Gas flow meters
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US manufacturer Big Elk Energy Systems, LLC has developed one of the world’s first mobile gas flow rate test benches. This system can be used to verify gas meters that are installed in high-volume... Read on
 FLOWSIC600-XT - the new gas flow meter from SICK seamlessly preserves its predecessors positive image as an outstanding precision measurement device for demanding industrial environments. The FLOWSIC600-XT... Read on
As the follow-up to the successful FLOWSIC600, the FLOWSIC600-XT ultrasonic gas flow meter is setting new standards in its market segment. With four device variants available, the FLOWSIC600-XT can take... Read on
Now there is no need to go without ultrasonic precision and fall back on other mechanical measurement techniques in the event of a mains voltage failure. The back-up batteries in the FLOWSIC-X gas flow... Read on
Today, Australia is the second largest exporter for LNG in the world with high growth rates in gas production. The Roma gas field was one of the first discovered fields in Australia. The field covers approximately... Read on
Excellence for you! inVISION Top Innovation 2017 for SICK AppSpace
The promise was made, and we kept it: For the first time, SICK installed two ultrasonic gas flow meters from SICK in a permanent series connection for a German power supply company. Additionally, the gas... Read on
Natural gas is a fundamental resource which plays a crucial role within Italian energy systems. It is for this reason that the modernization of the installations and infrastructures dedicated to its transport... Read on
Our software tools support you when setting up the connection, and configuring, setting the parameters, and performing diagnostics on our sensors and safety controllers.
Small, but a global leader all the same: Ehrler Prüftechnik Engineering GmbH (EP-E) has crafted a remarkable reputation in the field of high-precision testing and calibration systems. A preferred... Read on
The maritime energy revolution is officially in swing and has now reached an ambitious level. The sensors from SICK measure the CO2 emissions from combustion processes and are approved for emissions reporting... Read on
“Brilliant, great! I battled for two years for a solution. SICK understood our requirements exactly and delivered!” – was the reaction of Emmanuel Matodzi, Technical Manager of the Egoli... Read on
The new  FLOWgate™ operating software for all FLOWSIC ultrasonic gas flow meters and ultrasonic gas flow measuring devices from SICK links diagnostic data quickly and intelligently and presents... Read on

Type: USB driver

Name: USB driver IR read head

Version: 2.12.10

Software category: Driver

Size: 9.14 MB

Language: English

Product family: FLOWSIC500, FLOWSIC600-XT

Type: FLOWgate

Name: FLOWgate

Version: 1.14.0

Software category: Configuration software

Size: 58.89 MB

Language: German, English, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese

Product family: FLOWSIC30, FLOWSIC500, FLOWSIC600, FLOWSIC600-XT


Type: Product family overview

Part number: -

Title: FLOWSIC600-XT

Release date: May 18, 2020

Size: 3.49 MB

FLOWSIC600-XT Ultrasonic Gas Meter

Type: Operating instructions

Part number: 8018846

Title: FLOWSIC600-XT Ultrasonic Gas Meter

Release date: Oct 1, 2019

Size: 20.52 MB

FLOWSIC600-XT Encoder Modbus

Type: Addendum to operating instructions

Part number: 8019261

Title: FLOWSIC600-XT Encoder Modbus

Release date: Oct 1, 2016

Size: 500.00 KB

FLOWSIC600-XT Gas flow meters

Type: Product information

Part number: 8018938

Title: FLOWSIC600-XT Gas flow meters

Release date: Dec 1, 2017

Size: 2.28 MB

FLOWSIC600-XT (US version)

Type: Product information

Part number: 8022385

Title: FLOWSIC600-XT (US version)

Release date: Dec 1, 2017

Size: 2.19 MB

FLOWSIC600 / FLOWSIC600-XT: POWER-TO-GAS - Admixture of hydrogen from renewable energies into the natural gas grid and the associated suitability of SICK ultrasonic gas meters

Result 1 - 24 out of 32