How do you counteract door offset on your
machine with the STR1?

The STR1 non-contact safety switch ensures high productivity of your machine. It features high tolerance against door offset tolerance, which can, for example, cause shocks and vibration. This is how the STR1 reduces unplanned machine downtime by avoiding unintended shutdowns. 
You want to watch the video later, but are curious about the content? Here’s a brief overview:
Correct setting of the door based on the sensor status of the STR1 safety switch from SICK

Sensor status clearly visible at all times: During commissioning, shocks, vibration and door offset.

Illustration of the boundary indicaton for the STR1 from SICK

Detect errors early on and avoid unplanned machine downtime with the boundary area indication of the STR1.

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Small RFID safety switch for door monitoring with manipulation protection