Flexible. Intelligent. Communicative.
  • At a glance
    • Wide range of connections with 25 interfaces for Ethernet-based fieldbuses, cameras, illumination, sensors, encoders, and more besides
    • 8-gigabit Ethernet interfaces for rapid image transmission
    • Precise synchronization of input and output signals
    • Illumination control and supply
    • IO-Link master connections
    • Enclosure rating IP 65
    Your Benefits
    • Tailored application development with SICK AppSpace
    • High-performance, innovative application solutions through merging of sensor and camera data
    • The integrated HALCON library opens up a whole host of image processing possibilities for every industrial field of application
    • Recording, evaluation, and archiving of data from multiple cameras and sensors, enabling quality control, process analysis, and predictive maintenance for vertical integration in Industry 4.0
    • Real-time-capable hardware reduces integration work in, for example, time-critical robotics applications
    • Quick and easy commissioning thanks to prefabricated cables with M12 connections
    Flexible. Intelligent. Communicative.

    The SIM4000 Sensor Integration Machine – part of the SICK AppSpace eco-system – is opening up new possibilities for application solutions. Data from SICK sensors and cameras can be merged into a point cloud, evaluated, archived, and transmitted. 8-gigabit Ethernet interfaces are available for 2D or 3D cameras, and in some cases feature a voltage supply over Ethernet (PoE). Sensors can be integrated via IO-Link for distance and height measuring purposes. Thanks to the high-performance multi-core processor featuring hardware support, the SIM4000 enables image preprocessing and handling of input and output signals in real time. The integrated HALCON library also makes it possible to find solutions for sophisticated image processing tasks.

    • Technical data overview
      Supported products

      Vision sensors


      Identification solutions

      Detection and ranging solutions

      Trigger sources

      Development environmentSICK AppStudio
      Serial (RS-232, RS-422)✔ (2) , also configurable as an encoder port. RS-232, RS-422 configurable via termination resistor which can be activated.
      Ethernet✔ (8)
      ProtocolTCP/IP, FTP (image transmission), GigE, GenICam
      Encoder✔ (2) , max. 2 MHz
      Fieldbus✔ (2) , Ethernet-based
      ProtocolPROFINET, EtherNet/IP (under preparation), EtherCAT® (under preparation)
      CAN✔ (2)
      ProtocolCSN (SICK CAN Sensor Network)
      IO-Link✔ (4)
      ProtocolIO-Link Master 1.1
      I/O4 opto-decoupled inputs, 7 inputs/outputs (configurable)
      S1-S4In each case 1 input, in each case 1 input/output (configurable)
      S5-S8In each case 1 input, in each case 2 inputs/outputs (configurable)
      Enclosure ratingIP65

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SICK AppSpace
  • Development environment: SICK AppStudio
  • Data storage and retrieval: Image and data logging via optional microSD memory card, internal RAM and external FTP
  • Connections: I/O 1 x M12, 17-pin female connector X-coded, Power main and CAN 2 x M12, 4-pin male connector T-coded, Incremental 2 x M12, 8-pin female connector A-coded, Serial 2 x M12, 8-pin female connector A-coded, Fieldbus 2 x M12, 4-pin female connector D-coded, CAN 2 x M12, 5-pin female connector A-coded, S1-S4, IO-Link Master 4 x M12, 5-pin female connector A-coded, S5-S8 4 x M12, 5-pin female connector A-coded, GigE Ethernet with POE 6 x M12, 8-pin female connector X-coded, Ethernet 10GigE 2 x M12, 8-pin female connector X-coded
  • Further functions: HALCON12 (image processing library), Rectification, JPEG compression, Image stitching
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