Long range distance sensors

SICK long range distance sensors – designed to solve applications

Long range distance sensors from SICK combine highly precise measurement results with great reliability and a wide measuring range. Long range distance sensors use time-of-flight measurement technology for linear positioning and can be used to measure a distance or to indicate a switching threshhold. Due to their large measuring range, the sensors are suitable for a variety of industries and applications.

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Product family Dx100
Reliable, fast, precise positioning
  • Measuring range up to 300 m (dependent on type)
  • Numerous fieldbus interfaces
  • Pre-failure notification and diagnostic data available
  • Display with intuitive menu and easy to see status LEDs
  • Small, rugged metal housing
  • 3-axis alignment bracket with quick lock system available as accessory
  • Elongated holes for zero point adjustment when replacing devices
  • SPEEDCON™ and standard M12 electrical connections
Product family DML
Master challenges precisely with a range of up to 1,200 m on a reflector
  • Measurement range up to 1,200 m with a reflector
  • Time-of-flight measurement
  • Easy alignment thanks to pilot laser
  • Freely programmable parameters
  • RS-422, RS-232, PROFIBUS, analog and two switching outputs
  • Near field blanking parameter for operation through a protection window
Product family DMT
Maximum measuring range for challenging solution-based automation
  • Measuring range up to 155 m on natural objects
  • High measurement accuracy thanks to time-of-flight measurement
  • Easy alignment thanks to pilot laser
  • Easy handling with programmable parameters
  • Serial RS-422 or RS-232 interface, PROFIBUS, analog output, and two switching outputs
  • Near field blanking for operation in a protective housing with view through protective front screen
  • Special models are available for measurement on hot surfaces up to 1,400 °C
Product family Dx1000
Great performance at great distance
  • Long range distance sensor with infrared laser featuring HDDM+ technology
  • Measures natural objects (DT1000) or reflectors (DL1000)
  • Dust-proof and waterproof housing (IP 65 and IP 67) made of highly corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy
  • Configurable digital inputs and outputs, analog output, RS-422/SSI
  • Measures hot surfaces (DT1000)
Product family DME4000
Standard sensor for measurement distances up to 220 m
  • Measuring range 0.15 m ... 50 m / 0.15 m ... 130 m / 0.15 m ... 220 m
  • Short positioning operations thanks to very fast measuring cells
  • Very high accuracy and reproducibility
  • Easy commissioning: illuminated LC display with diagnostics information
  • Easy mounting and alignment concept: alignment bracket with spring / visible red light
  • Variety of interfaces: SSI, RS-422, PROFIBUS, HIPERFACE, CANopen, DeviceNet
Product family DME5000
Most precise distance measurement
  • Measurement range from 0.15 m to 300 m
  • Very fast measurement cycles
  • Highest accuracy, repeatability and system availability
  • Illuminated LC display with diagnostic information
  • Visible red light and bracket with springs for alignment
  • Variety of interfaces: SSI, RS-422, PROFIBUS, HIPERFACE, DeviceNet
Product family Dx500
Precision distance measurement for natural objects – up to 70 m on white, 30 m on black
  • Sensing range up to 30 m on black, 70 m on white
  • Very high measurement accuracy and reproducibility
  • Red laser, laser class 2
  • Heated variants for use in cold storage applications
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Serial interfaces as well as analog and switching outputs
  • Display for easy commissioning

Result 1 - 7 out of 7