New: virtual locks for the safe movement of goods - Sensors secure air freight areas and effectively prevent theft

Mar 18, 2014

Safe handling of goods is a priority for all logistics specialists who send goods via air freight. Only a consistently protected supply chain offers maximum security against tampering during the transport of goods beyond national boundaries.

The LAC1xx Prime (Logistics Access Control) security system is an electronic and fully automatic system for security tasks involving virtual access control for gates and entrances. The aim: under no circumstances may cargo be accessible to unauthorized persons – neither during internal transport and storage, nor during handover of the goods. The system’s sensors can detect persons and vehicles in motion, i.e. whilst maintaining material flow, and identify them with the help of coded transponder IDs. Unauthorized persons are reliably detected and their unnoticed access to an area prevented. With the help of intelligent filter algorithms and plausibility functions, the LAC also offers maximum security against tampering. It thus ensures that only an authorized person passes the access control – and no other person can slip through a still-open door undetected (so-called tailgating).

Goods flows continue whilst passing the LAC
Neither processes nor persons must be halted for identification when the LAC1xx security system is used, preventing blockages of the throughput area. The system meets the aims, and adopts the measures, of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) and the European Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certificate. The laser warning device already has VdS certification, providing proof of its dependable technology.