New: small photoelectric sensors - A sensor seldom comes alone - New small photoelectric sensors for materials handling: ready for use in just 10 to 15 seconds

Mar 18, 2014

A sensor seldom comes alone. This is particularly true of optoelectronic sensors in many areas of logistics automation and machine construction. All the more decisive: rapid space-saving installation, robustness, maintenance-free operation.

Enthusiasm has never before been so appropriate so quickly: minimized adjustment effort, high detection reliability, flexible 360° alignment, and fixed in seconds with the optional Q-Lock mounting system – perfectly optimized for the demands of materials handling: the small photoelectric sensors of the new G10 product family.

Rapid-start versions for logistics automation
All G10 sensors are fundamentally available with a control element for adjusting the switching distance or sensitivity. There are also variants, however, especially for the needs of logistics automation, which require no control element at all. This saves valuable time during installation – particularly in combination with the Q-Lock system – and prevents subsequent unwanted changes in sensor adjustment. This helps, above all, along the conveyor line, where many sensors have to be mounted and aligned. But G10 sensors also offer the performance strengths necessary in logistics: depolarizing surfaces, immunity to ambient light and dust, and use in deep-freeze areas are standard here, of course.

Mounting and fixing in seconds
Round rod mounting is extremely rapid with SICK’s optional Q-Lock mounting system: it only takes 10 to 15 seconds to fix a sensor. An advantage not just along the conveyor line, but also on storage and retrieval devices, lifts or transfer vehicles.