New: optical data transmission - Cable-free data communication – simple and rapid

Mar 18, 2014

Highly dynamic and energy-efficient storage and retrieval devices communicate better and more rapidly via a fast laser data connection. In addition to the pure transmission of process- and safety-oriented data to and from the aisle, transmitted data such as live pictures also help in troubleshooting and rapid fault correction.

Storage and retrieval devices are increasingly acting with dynamically calculated position data. Depending on the throughput requirements, this permits pre-calculated position driving optimized for high speeds or low electricity consumption. The laser-based broad-band data transmission of the ISD400 Pro offers additional benefits in the form of parallel live pictures from the aisle for position data – assisting the analysis and correction of faults, as well as system optimization.

The new ISD400 Pro optical data transmitter from SICK enables protocol-free fast Ethernet communication at a bandwidth of up to 100 Mbit/s in intralogistical applications. Diagnostic possibilities via a display and digital output open up comprehensive options for rapid commissioning and high operational availability. Long service life and energy efficiency are integrated in the transmission system: the ISD400 Pro is currently the only optical data transmitter of its type to offer a laser light transmitter that can be switched off during resting phases. In mechanical and electrical terms, the ISD400 Pro is also consistently designed for plug & play installation.

The ISD400 Pro is used for, among other things, cable-free data transmission to storage and retrieval devices in automatic high-bay warehouses or on transfer vehicles. Thanks to the bandwidth of 100 Mbit/s it can also transmit large data quantities such as those that occur, for example, during monitoring by cameras that are carried on storage and retrieval devices for diagnostic purposes. Together with modern long-range distance sensors of the DL100 series, this optical data transmission system from SICK represents the most powerful package currently available on the market for positioning storage and retrieval devices.

ISD400 Pro + optical distance sensors: powerful package for linear positioning
When one combines the performance features of the ISD400 Pro with the performance potentials of long-range distance sensors such as the DL100 Hi one obtains – from a single source – a state-of-the-art and investment-safe positioning solution for storage and retrieval devices. The high Ethernet data transmission bandwidth of 100 Mbit/s allows the implementation of supplementary availability-optimized options.