New: Image-based code reader with dynamic focus - More dynamic customer demands – greater dynamism in logistics centers

Mar 18, 2014

Picking technology is also posing new demands for dynamic processes. The challenge: ever-increasing throughput with growing product variance and greater picking quality. Whereby a key application is the reliable and rapid reading of 1D and 2D bar codes. SICK is presenting a new family of image-based code readers, the LECTOR®65x matrix camera – with consistent sharply focused pictures.

Camera-based code reader / LECTOR®65x vision sensor
A highly talented code reader is now available for the conveyor belt

The LECTOR®65x maintains its overview. Always. With two or four megapixel camera resolution and wide angle for a large working field. The LECTOR®65x likes speed. It identifies packages at belt speeds of up to 4 m/s and understands poorly legible codes. The LECTOR®65x loves challenges. It is perfectly adapted everywhere. Dynamic focus with flexible height and depth. With integrated memory and MicroSD memory card. No other stores more data. The LECTOR®65x is the first highly talented camera-based code reader for logistics automation and gap-free tracking in factory automation.

There are two focal variants of the LECTOR®65x code reader. The ‘Flex’ version with individually selectable illumination and lenses provides technically and economically efficient solutions with many application-related levels of freedom. The ‘Dynamic Focus’ version of the LECTOR®65x is the innovation in the market of matrix camera-based code readers.

Field of view, resolution, speed: LECTOR®65x code readers prove true greatness
Both the Flex and Dynamic Focus versions of the LECTOR®65x offer integrated image capture with resolutions of two or four megapixels. The latter value permits the reliable identification of a typical 1D code with a line width of 0.35 mm in a reading field of almost 500 mm x 500 mm. Regardless of whether bar code, data matrix, maxi code or QR code – powerful decoding algorithms ensure that even weakly contrasting or partly destroyed codes can be reliably detected and evaluated. The design of reading gates using the ‘LECTOR®654 Dynamic Focus for Systems’ device variant is even more flexible and more modular. Several code readers are networked with one another with just one cable per device. Customers expand their systems camera-by-camera. They thus achieve optimum adaptation to the transport belt width and the associated field of view necessary.

Simple operation right from the start
Easy integration – without any noteworthy training effort – is a matter of course for the LECTOR®65x code reader. Serial interfaces, I/Os, USB, CAN and Ethernet-based fieldbuses such as TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP (including function blocks) are already integrated in the code reader. Other fieldbuses, e.g. Profibus and Profinet, are available in the form of connection modules.

Designed for logistics and factory automation
Typical areas of use for the LECTOR®65x code reader are found in intralogistics involving automated sorting processes. But manual handling and sorting processes can also be semi-automated thanks to LECTOR®65x processes.

SICK supplements its portfolio of ‘IDpro’ identification solutions – which has a complete product range with laser scanners, line cameras, matrix code readers and RFID systems – with the matrix camera-based code readers of the LECTOR®65x product family.