Motor feedback systems rotary HIPERFACE DSL®

The digital evolution: HIPERFACE DSL® in motor feedback systems for servo motors

The HIPERFACE "Digital Servo Link" interface is a revolution in servo drive systems! The purely digital interface is the future. Thanks to the innovative and interference-free HIPERFACE DSL® protocol, all future communication can be realized using just two wires that are integrated in the motor cable; and this is always done in a robust and reliable manner.

These product families cover the various performance ranges from standard to advanced in that they all feature the same mechanical interface. Depending on the performance class, the product families have a resolution of 15 to 23 bit per revolution over 4,096 revolutions (multiturn). The high level of flexibility in the connection systems allows for individual solutions. These SICK motor feedback systems save a service life histogram e.g. of the temperature, service life and many other parameters, which allows for convenient application analysis.

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