3D machine vision

Your Benefits

  • 3D imaging of stationary objects reduces the effort and the costs required to develop robot picking applications
  • Large field of view within a single device allows for cost-efficient solutions
  • Reliable factory-calibrated 3D measurements provide easy integration, use and replacement
  • High immunity to ambient light ensures accurate measurements and increased throughput in factory conditions
  • Industrial design with a built-in laser light source ensures problem-free operation


The ScanningRuler is the perfect tool for 3D imaging in robot picking applications. It provides accurate and reliable 3D measurements of stationary objects. The data that is acquired can be used to locate parts in random bin picking applications and to calculate the best robot gripping position. The camera has a built-in laser light source and provides 3D point cloud measurements in millimeters of the entire scene. These features, in combination with the camera’s immunity to ambient light and its simple configuration, make the ScanningRuler very easy to integrate and use. In addition to 3D images, the ScanningRuler also provides a 2D image of the scene to simplify part identification. The ScanningRuler is connected to a PC with Gigabit Ethernet and has a rugged design that provides reliable operation in harsh industrial environments.

At a glance
  • 3D imaging of stationary objects
  • Large field of view for scanning U.S. and Euro pallets
  • Accurate and reliable acquisition of factory-calibrated 3D data in millimeters
  • High immunity to ambient light and contrast variation
  • Rugged housing with built-in laser light source
  • Point cloud 3D data with grayscale information


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Technology3D snapshot
    Scan/frame rate2.5 s per 3D image
    Grayscale measurements
    Light source
    Internal lightingLaser, Visible, Red, 660 nm, ± 15 nm
    Factory calibrated
    Enclosure ratingIP65
    Configuration softwareRanger Studio
    Ethernet✔ , UDP/IP
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