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LiDAR localization

Precise localization on the basis of natural landmarks

Your Benefits

  • Quick and precise scanning of the environment makes it possible to simultaneously determine both the current position and orientation of a vehicle.
  • Localization based on natural contours: No reflectors necessary
  • The data evaluation system integrated in the NAV-LOC relieves the vehicle computer
  • Creates the foundation for effective vehicle navigation, efficient vehicle monitoring and economic fleet management


Precise localization on the basis of natural landmarks

The NAV-LOC’s defining feature is its ability to localize vehicles on the basis of natural surrounding contours. This is made possible by a 2D LiDAR sensor which supplies precise scan data. This data is then processed in the SIM2000ST CPU from SICK using a clever algorithm. The NAV-LOC thereby always delivers up-to-date data on the position and orientation of a vehicle without additional reflectors.

The exact position determination of mobile platforms and automated guided vehicles using NAV-LOC creates a good starting point for the development of vehicle navigations systems.

At a glance
  • Contour detection with a scanning angle of up to 360°
  • Integrated evaluation of contour data
  • Precise position determination
  • High repeatability of position
  • Accurate distance resolution with a high angular resolution
  • Refresh rate of 8 Hz
  • Easy operation thanks to modern user interface (web browser)


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Localization resolution1 mm

    Position measurement, typ. 30 mm

    Direction angle, 0.1° ... 0.4° typical

    Position measurement, typ. 35 mm

    Angular resolution0.001°
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