2D LiDAR sensors

Fast and reliable, for precise measurement of distances and contours

Your Benefits

  • The integrated level control application replaces numerous sensors and drastically reduces the effort required for wiring and programming.
  • Reliable evaluation at high conveyor speeds
  • Neither shading nor artificial lighting is necessary
  • Mounting is possible in positions beyond the robot collision area
  • Fast data acquisition thanks to highly precise detection and positioning measurements in real-time


Fast and reliable, for precise measurement of distances and contours

The LMS400 2D LiDAR sensor is ideal for applications in material handling and logistics, wherever increasing numbers of goods have to be moved to precise destinations for further processing. With the LMS400, SICK is offering a measurement solution for all users for whom high throughput, comprehensive process reliability, and improved resolution within near working ranges are key considerations. The integrated level control application is setting standards for flexibility and fields of application in logistics and conveying technology. Whether in containers, in boxes, or on pallets, the filling level is reliably detected and output via integrated digital outputs. The analog output extends the application to direct control for processes in the field of packaging or handling.

At a glance
  • The “Level Control” application integrated in the sensor is, with its gapless scanning surface, able to perform “shadowless” detection of objects in containers. Even small objects, regardless of color, are detected anywhere in the container.
  • Large dynamic measurement range of 0.7 m to 3 m
  • Rugged design
  • High angular resolution and scanning frequency
  • Ideal for depalletizing taks, contour verification and vision applications on pallets