Monitoring incineration efficiency (O2) in waste incineration plants

The ZIRKOR200 in-situ gas analyzer is used to measure O2. It quickly, reliably, and continuously measures the oxygen concentration during incineration. This allows optimal regulation of oxygenation from primary and secondary air, achieving permanent monitoring for the purposes of combustion optimization.

  • Following product families can be used
    Already has the innovation in the cells
    • Electrochemical cell with extremely long service life due to innovative protection mechanisms
    • Self-monitoring electrochemical cell
    • Fully automated adjustment mechanism integrated into the control unit
    • Version for high temperatures available
    • ZIRKOR remote app for remote access to the analyzer
    • Very short response time
    • Suitability-tested according to EN 15267
    • Ex version for ATEX/IECEx, Zone 1 and Zone 21