Positioning the fly ash transporter for filling

The fly ash is removed from the collection hoppers and transported by truck to the landfill site. Sensors ensure that the loading hose is correctly positioned and that no fly ash ends up in the surrounding area during loading. The LMS511 2D LiDAR sensor determines the position of the truck under the collection hoppers. This powerful and efficient 2D LiDAR sensor is suitable for measuring ranges of up to 80 m. The rugged housing with enclosure rating IP 67 protects the sensor against harsh weather conditions and the large amount of dust deposit that builds up when loading the ash.

  • Following product families can be used
    Reliable and precise, even over long distances
    • Powerful, efficient 2D LiDAR sensor for measuring ranges up to 80 m
    • Excellent performance even under unfavorable weather conditions due to multi-echo technology
    • Compact housing up to enclosure rating IP 67 and integrated heating for outdoor devices
    • Low power consumption
    • Quick signal processing
    • Several inputs and outputs
    • Synchronization of several sensors possible