Filter monitoring during dedusting with electrostatic precipitators or fabric filters

The flue gas is dedusted using electrostatic precipitators and/or fabric filters. In addition to dust, the fabric filter also separates out bicarbonate and activated carbon during dry flue gas purification. The dust concentration can be monitored behind the dust filter, but must be monitored at the emissions measuring point on the stack. The DUSTHUNTERS, which uses laser diodes to take measurements following the scattered light method, is suitable for this purpose. The measuring conditions and dust concentration will determine which DUSTHUNTER should be used.

  • Following product families can be used
    The dust monitor with scattered light backward measurement
    • For low to medium dust concentrations
    • One-sided installation
    • Automated thorough check of zero and reference point
    • Automated compensation of background radiation, therefore no light absorber required
    • For medium to large duct diameters
    Measure intelligently. Reduce costs.
    • Independent measuring device – with or without MCU control unit
    • Automated monitoring of zero and reference point
    • Integrated purge air unit as an option
    • Installation on one side of a duct
    • Rugged and compact structure
    • No moving parts in the duct