Delta CO measurement at the activated carbon filter

Delta CO measurement can prevent fires in the activated carbon filter bed. The MKAS Twin multi-component analyzer system with the SIDOR modular gas analyzer is ideal for this purpose. In the case of newer systems using dry or semi-dry flue gas cleaning, the activated carbon is added at the same time as the other materials. This means that such monitoring is usually no longer necessary.

  • Following product families can be used
    The flexible analyzer system for process- and emission-measurement applications
    • Analyzers and measured parameters can be retrofitted at any time
    • Available in a standard size or as a space-saving compact version
    • Meets the requirements for an automated measurement system (AMS) according to EU standards
    • Sample gas bypass for very short response times
    We set standards for extractive photometers
    • Detector with high long-term stability
    • Paramagnetic or electrochemical O2 measurement
    • Automated adjustment with component-free ambient air
    • Immune to contamination