Space-saving solution for measuring dust, flow, pressure, and temperature

With the CP100 combined probe, dust, flow, pressure, and temperature can be measured in the stack with minimal usage of space. This solution involves installing a DUSTHUNTER SP100 (scattered light method), a FLOWSIC100 PR (ultrasonic measuring principle as a probe), and a PT100 temperature sensor and pressure sensor on a combination flange (DN250 PN6). This renders additional couplings or flanges unnecessary. This space-saving solution especially proves its worth where redundant design of the measuring devices is required.

  • Following product families can be used
    Combined measurement of dust, volume flow, pressure, and temperature
    • No need for mechanical adjustment
    • Self-testing with the automatic control cycle
    • Simple configuration and operation with easy-to-use software
    • For gas temperatures up to 200 °C
    • For funnels with an internal diameter of 0.7 m and above