Continuous emissions monitoring of all pollutant components in exhaust gases

The MCS100FT can continuously measure the following components using one single extractive heated gas sample: HCl, CO, NOx as the sum of NO and NO2, SO2, NH3, O2, H2O, CO2, Cges, and HF. For normalization, the pressure and temperature parameters are also measured. The QAL3 test can be carried out without test gas with the certified, integrated filter.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family MCS100FT
    Everything under control with advanced, proven technology
    • Lowest approved HF measuring range: 0 ... 3 mg/m³
    • Automatic spectrum adjustment via AutoVAL for reliable measuring values
    • Operation via touchscreen
    • Sample gas transport by an ejector without moving parts
    • Approved according to EN 15267
    • Remote control and diagnosis via software SOPAS ET
    • Automatic adjustment of analyzer
    • Automatic backflushing and filter cleaning of sampling unit
    Product family MCS100E HW
    Emission and raw gas monitoring with hot measuring technology
    • Extractive measurement of up to 8 IR-active gas components
    • Additional oxygen and total hydrocarbon analyzer as option
    • Gas lines heated throughout
    • Sample gas infeed on gas sampling probe or analyzer
    • Back-purging of gas sampling probe for filter cleaning
    • Rapid measured gas exchange to minimize adsorption and desorption processes
    • Automated sample point switching