Gas analysis at the gas outlet of landfill sites

Landfill gas is used to generate thermal or electrical energy. In Germany, combined heat and power stations with very high energy efficiency are used for processing landfill gas. At the gas outlet, the CO2, CH4, and O2 components are continuously measured. The monitored recording of these gases helps to prevent explosions. For this purpose, SICK offers the SIDOR gas analyzer, which is integrated into a measuring cabinet. Gas sampling for measurement is done extractively. Flame arresters at the sample gas inlet and outlet of the analyzer plant protect the system against explosions.

  • Following product families can be used
    The flexible analyzer system for process- and emission-measurement applications
    • Analyzers and measured parameters can be retrofitted at any time
    • Available in a standard size or as a space-saving compact version
    • Meets the requirements for an automated measurement system (AMS) according to EU standards
    • Sample gas bypass for very short response times
    We set standards for extractive photometers
    • Detector with high long-term stability
    • Paramagnetic or electrochemical O2 measurement
    • Automated adjustment with component-free ambient air
    • Immune to contamination