Emissions monitoring of all pollutant components in ammunition disposal

With the MCS100E HW, the following components are continuously recorded: HCl, CO, NOx (sum of NO and NO2), SO2, O2, H2O, and Cges. Optionally, NH3 can also be measured with the multi-component analyzer system MCS100E HW. With its integrated calibration filter, drift control of the analyzer system can be performed in accordance with the QAL3 standard without using a test gas. This makes the device significantly easier to use, and leads to a reduction in device maintenance costs as there is no need for calibration gases.

  • Following product families can be used
    Emission and raw gas monitoring with hot measuring technology
    • Extractive measurement of up to 8 IR-active gas components
    • Additional oxygen and total hydrocarbon analyzer as option
    • Gas lines heated throughout
    • Sample gas infeed on gas sampling probe or analyzer
    • Back-purging of gas sampling probe for filter cleaning
    • Rapid measured gas exchange to minimize adsorption and desorption processes
    • Automated sample point switching
    Innovative measurement of mercury in flue gases
    • Accurate measurement of “total mercury” directly in a thermal converter (patented)
    • Measuring operation without using consumables
    • Practically maintenance-free gas sampling using an ejector pump – no moving parts
    • Integrated adjustment cell for automated drift checking
    • Automated adjustment of the entire measuring system with a built-in test gas generator (optional)
    • Completely modular system design