Measurement of the train profile

Objects protruding from trains can cause significant damage to the infrastructure. The RPS railway profiling system automatically detects clearance violations, which may be caused by a loose tarp, for example. Clearance violations are detected in high resolution at normal speeds regardless of weather conditions. The permitted clearance is adjusted along a wagon based on the distance to the bogies of the wagon. Even very tight turns can be safely navigated.

  • Following product families can be used

    Measurement of trains for detection and alarming of reference profile violations

    • High-precision 3D measurement with 200 Hz resolution and immediate alarming of violated reference profiles
    • Data output as 3D model, 2D cross-section and camera picture
    • Configuration of several reference profiles
    • No optical sensors near the ground
    • Protocoling of all measurement data
    • Easy mounting, maintenance and operation