Occupied load carrying unit on the shuttle

Before a load carrier is placed on a shuttle, it is first checked that the shuttle is empty. Depending on the length of the load carrier, several locations may be checked. Sensors featuring SICK ASIC technology and PinPoint LEDs offer maximum performance even in cases involving challenging product surfaces/materials/colors.

  • Following product families can be used
    Round, short and economically unbeatable
    • Low-cost cylindrical M18 sensor with extra short housing
    • Five different housing styles
    • Variety of plastic and metal housing styles, with straight or right angle optics
    • Bright and highly visible PinPoint-LED
    • Potentiometer for adjustment of switching threshold (depending on type)
    • Special flush type, one-piece metal housing
    • Highly visible signal indicator LED
    • IP 67 rating

    Way above the standard – the economic way to business class

    • PinPoint LED and class 1 laser variants
    • SICK ASIC, the result of decades of experience with photoelectric sensors
    • Photoelectric proximity sensors with background suppression, energetic photoelectric proximity sensors, and through-beam photoelectric sensors
    • ABS plastic housing and V4A stainless-steel 1.4404 (316L) housing
    • Enclosure ratings IP67 and IP69K