Identification of direct-marked 2D codes on solar wafers

Directly marking each wafer provides traceability, and thus the feedback for process improvement. The code, however, must be as small as possible to not degrade performance. As the wafer progresses through manufacturing, this code must be read in ever more difficult optical environments. The Lector620 was precisely developed for such tough applications.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Intelligent decoding algorithms and high-performance DPM decoder
    • Immune to ambient light
    • Powerful LEDs in red, blue, infrared
    • Flexible optical accessories such as polarizing filter or dome attachment
    • Compact housing with swivel connector
    • Setup wizard with auto focus, aiming laser, green feedback LED
    • microSD card for storing images and backup copies of parameters
    • Innovative data handling with comprehensive sorting, filtering, and output formatting functions