Notch recognition on semiconductor wafers

Accurately aligning the substrate is important when processing wafers. The Inspector 2D vision sensor determines the exact notch position on wafers thereby ensuring their correct alignment. At the same time, the diffuser attachment eliminates disruptive wafer reflections. Using the Label Checker quality control system, it is also possible to scan the codes and text applied to the wafers.

  • Following product families can be used
    • OCR, 1D, and 2D codes: reading, recognition, validation, verification
    • Additional inspections: pattern matching, edge-to-edge measurement, pixel counter, blob inspection, shape locator, print quality check
    • Easy teach-in of custom font
    • Flexible range of C-mount lens and integrated illumination
    • Web-based user interface

    • High-speed positioning, inspection and measuring
    • Powerful “object locator” tool, independent of position, rotation and scale
    • Unique, interchangeable housing design supporting dome and various optical accessories
    • Simple step-by-step configuration in PC including emulator
    • Easy-to-use operator interfaces
    • Flexible machine and HMI design interfaces

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