Determining the position of wafer robots using motor feedback

The non-contact SEK90 hollow shaft motor feedback system, with holistic scanning, comes recommended as a simple and reliable solution; virtually eliminating any margin for error from a mechanical perspective. Its ultra light weight, minimal inertia and small size (< 10 mm) mean it can be integrated easily – no matter the shaft diameter.

  • Following product families can be used
    • HIPERFACE® motor feedback systems for large hollow shaft and torque motors
    • 64 sine/cosine periods per revolution
    • Absolute position with a resolution of 2,048 increments per revolution
    • Programming of the position value and electronic type label
    • HIPERFACE® interface
    • Turn & play – for simple assembly without tools
    • High resistance to shock and vibration due to holistic scanning
    • Bearingless motor feedback system