Dynamic pallet measurement with challenging object properties

Large objects such as pallets can also be reliably measured in automated logistics processes. Dynamic measurement in processes is useful for efficient and streamlined processes which determine the smallest enveloping cuboid of the object. The VMS6x00/7x00 track and trace system is ideal for this. It even measures objects with challenging surface properties such as pallets packaged in foil or ones loaded with glossy or black objects. In addition to object dimensions (length, width, height), the exact position of the pallet on the conveyor system can also be determined. The modular structure of the system is also compatible with other SICK solutions and enables individual adjustment to specific applications.

  • Following product families can be used
    Dimensioning and position determination of large or challenging objects
    • Measurement accuracy: Up to 20 mm x 20 mm x 20 mm
    • Object sizes: Up to 2,600 mm x 2,000 mm x 3,000 mm
    • Conveying speeds: Up to 3.0 m/s
    • Redundant system setup (optional)
    • MTTR: Less than 10 min. thanks to hardware-based parameter cloning
    • Central control unit enables easy system expansion