Process monitoring of VOCs

The thermal storage/conversion systems use heat ex- changers to produce steam for the turbines. Organic carbon can be monitored at low concentrations using an FID analyzer to protect against leaks in the N2 blanketing system. The FIDOR uses the FIame Ionization principle (FID) which measures with high sensitivity at low concentrations to quickly detect leaks so that safety measures can be implemented and/or process lines can be closed to prevent damage.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Standard 19” enclosure for easy integration into all industry-typical systems
    • Space-saving wall housing (stand-alone)
    • Nearly maintenance free ejector pump delivers sample gas to the analyzer
    • Integrated catalytic converter (option) provides very clean zero gas
    • Automatic regulation and compensation of process pressure fluctuations
    • Protective filter at sample gas inlet
    • High degree of linearity (≤ 2 %) for very low and high measuring ranges