Natural gas consumption at valve train burners at electric arc furnace

Besides oil, most modern electric arc furnace side wall burners operate with natural gas as fuel. The number of installed burners varies between three and six per furnace shell with typical power consumption between 1,5 and 4 MW per burner, meaning a natural gas flow rate of 150 to 400 Nm3/h. In order to properly control and adjust the burner flame and power consumption, each burner has its own valve train branch where the natural gas flow rate is closely measured and controlled by a FLOWSIC500 measurement control system.

  • Following product families can be used
    Custody transfer measurement in natural gas distribution
    • Cutting-edge technology: ultrasound
    • Diagnostics and permanent operational check
    • Rugged and reliable due to lack of moving parts
    • Exchangeable cartridge
    • Straight inlet/outlet zone not required
    • Overload-proof
    • Optional integrated flow conversion / date registration
    • Battery or intrinsically safe power supply