Measuring oxygen consumption during injection in a furnace

Electric arc furnaces require large quantities of oxygen for metallurgical processes such as decarburization. Door lances, for instance, are therefore used in processes of this nature. The door lances have one or two oxygen lines, where each has its own valve train branch for oxygen, allowing the supply of oxygen to be accurately monitored and adjusted. A combination of different sensors accurately measures and monitors the flow, pressure, and temperature of the oxygen in order to optimize the metallurgical process. Pressure and temperature measurement is only possible in non-ex areas.

  • Following product families can be used
    Gas flow meters for custody transfer and process applications
    • Highly efficient ultrasonic transducer - up to gas temperatures of 280 °C and pressures up to 450 bar
    • Direct path layout
    • Intelligent self-diagnostics
    • Compact, robust design
    • Integrated log book and data logger
    • Large measuring range 1:120
    • Bidirectional measurement
    • Low power consumption: <1 W