LiDAR-based localization solutions

Mobile platforms are gaining in importance in all areas of the economy. Rugged localization solutions, the basis for automated navigation, ensure a smooth material flow and are the foundation for efficient fleet management. LiDAR localization from SICK satisfies the requirements for powerful localization solutions for individual vehicle concepts. It solves a wide range of applications, is easy to configure and boasts excellent performance.

  • Following product families can be used
    Modular LIDAR localization based on natural contours
    • Position determination for all types and sizes of mobile platforms
    • High repeatability of ± 10 mm
    • Contour detection with a scanning angle of up to 360°
    • Localization resolution of 1 mm
    • Refresh rate of 33 Hz
    • Easy operation thanks to modern user interface (web browser), as well as ROS integration